Milti-color Hand Spinner fidget Zinc Alloy Metal fidget spinner


l9 5pc wheell9 5pc wheell10 golden rudderl10 golden rudderl11 blue rudderl11 blue rudderl14 wheel3l14 wheel3l15 wheel4l15 wheel4q5 hongkongflowerq5 hongkongflowerq15 dazzling effiel towerq15 dazzling effiel towerq17 6 blades axeq17 6 blades axeq28 dazzling warwolf bulletq28 dazzling warwolf bulletq30 spiderq30 spiderq31 dazzling mermaidsq31 dazzling mermaidsq33 dazzling diamondsq33 dazzling diamondsq34 colorful dolphinq34 colorful dolphinq36 dazzling chrysanthemumq36 dazzling chrysanthemumq37 dazzling peacock tailq37 dazzling peacock tailq81 dazzling pentagramq81 dazzling pentagram
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Fingertip toys Colorful Hand Spinner gyroscope spinning whipping top in various shapes pressure reducing toys

Material: Alloy
N.W. : 60g
Axle Model: R188
Finish: electroplate
Packaging: opp bag (metal or zip bag optional)

Default Opp bag ↓

Default hand spiner package opp bag
Default hand spiner package opp bag

Optional Metal box ↓

hand spinner metal box
hand spinner metal box

zip bag ↓

hand spinner zip bag
hand spinner zip bag

order metal box or zip bag here

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 2.5 cm

13+, 18+


l9 5pc wheel, l10 golden rudder, l11 blue rudder, l14 wheel3, l15 wheel4, q5 hongkongflower, q15 dazzling effiel tower, q17 6 blades axe, q28 dazzling warwolf bullet, q30 spider, q31 dazzling mermaids, q33 dazzling diamonds, q34 colorful dolphin, q36 dazzling chrysanthemum, q37 dazzling peacock tail, q81 dazzling pentagram


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