Lets funny Boy Toy Hover FootBall, LED Soccer Toys for Kids Indoor&Outdoor Playing


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Overall introduction:

  • Perfect Size: It’s light and easy carry, the little child can play it indoors or take it to the park, playground, and school.
  • Friendly Material: The air soccer made of ABS material, soft cushion of foam surrounding the edge of the disc protects furniture and wall from damage
  • Magic Football: It can glide over any smooth surface automatically with 4 “AA” batteries(Not Included). The air power soccer can draw children’s attention well from TV and online games
  • Colorful Lights: The led light soccer has colored light on the ball surface, let the children’s night more colorful and have a sweet dream
  • Best boy toys:It can play alone, also suitable for a few people to play together, so children will not compete for toys anymore. They can play with parents, brothers and sisters, and friends.

Lets funny Air Power Soccer Disk Hover Ball- Different from the traditional structure of football, strange new toys always attract child’s attention. A creative new way to play soccer indoors, can close the distance between people, enhance mutual feelings, exercise the child’s thinking ability!

Color: Black & White
Material: Friendly material, non-poisonous plastic.
Battery: 4 * AA batteries (Not included)
Recommended Age: Over 3 years old
Floating height: 2-4mm
Playing environment: indoors / not on the grass grounds
size:  186.818.5cm
N.W.: 342.7g
Packaging: Color box
Box size: 23.86.819cm
Bulk Packaging: 96boxes/carton
Carton size: 834978cm

How to use:
1. Screw down the bottom battery lid with a screwdriver.
2. Install 4 “AA” batteries on the bottom of the disk.
3. Turn on the switch and start playing.

Tips: If the soccer ball doesn’t hover on the ground, please check the battery and install 4 new AA batteries, then it will hover again.

Additional information

Weight0.38 kg
Dimensions24 × 7 × 20 cm

13+, 18+, 7+



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