Children’s Mini Cartoon Alloy pullback car model in 4 colors and 4 styles


Mickey Mouse/Bubble carMickey Mouse/Bubble carMickey Mouse/School busMickey Mouse/School busMickey Mouse/BusMickey Mouse/BusMickey Mouse/TaxiMickey Mouse/TaxiKitty Cat/Bubble carKitty Cat/Bubble carKitty Cat/School busKitty Cat/School busKitty Cat/BusKitty Cat/BusKitty Cat/TaxiKitty Cat/TaxiMinions/Bubble carMinions/Bubble carMinions/School busMinions/School busMinions/BusMinions/BusMinions/TaxiMinions/TaxiDoraemon/Bubble carDoraemon/Bubble carDoraemon/School busDoraemon/School busDoraemon/BusDoraemon/BusDoraemon/TaxiDoraemon/Taxi
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Name: Children’s Mini Cartoon Alloy pullback car model in 4 colors and 4 styles Bubble car, School bus, Bus and Taxi
Car type: Bubble car | School bus | Bus | Taxi
Series: Mickey Mouse | Kitty Cat | Minions | Doraemon
Packaging: each pc / PDQ box
Item size: 10x5x6cm
Item N.W.: 170g
Box size: 14x7x8.7cm
Bulk Packaging: 168boxes / carton
Carton size: 52.5×45.5x78cm

Pullback motor, headlight and music while playing
Double doors can be opened & closed
Vivid cartoon design into details, simulative to real models
Selected eco-friendly materials, thickened high-quality aluminum alloy
Security upgraded design
Factory direct sales

Press car head part down to start

Additional information

Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions16 × 10 × 10 cm
Series & Type

Mickey Mouse/Bubble car, Mickey Mouse/School bus, Mickey Mouse/Bus, Mickey Mouse/Taxi, Kitty Cat/Bubble car, Kitty Cat/School bus, Kitty Cat/Bus, Kitty Cat/Taxi, Minions/Bubble car, Minions/School bus, Minions/Bus, Minions/Taxi, Doraemon/Bubble car, Doraemon/School bus, Doraemon/Bus, Doraemon/Taxi


4-6, 7+


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